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November 16 | Virtual & Free

SigOpt AI & HPC Summit 2021


Talk: Supercharging a 1st place Kaggle Solution to Reach Higher Performance

4 - 4:30pm

The Statoil Iceberg Classifier challenge in 2018 was Kaggle’s most popular image classification challenge in terms of competing teams and was ranked one of the top challenges among all data types at the time. In this session, Kaggle Grandmaster and the first place solution developer, David Austin, revisit the challenge with modern day state-of-the-art technologies to evaluate how adjustment of techniques and tools during experimentation could deliver higher performance – even beyond what 1st place achieved.

More specifically, David will explore the modeling problem in greater depth and reveal how SigOpt hyperparameter optimization, results monitoring and artifact tracking contribute to deriving novel insights on the model and uncovering higher-performing configurations of it for this particular classification challenge. As a result, attendees should expect to gain insights on classification tasks, Kaggle competitions and experimentation process that they can carry into any modeling task or domain, especially regarding how best practices for experimentation impact performance.

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David Austin

Sr Principal Engineer, Intel