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November 16 | Virtual & Free

SigOpt AI & HPC Summit 2021


Talk: Deep Learning for Proteomics and the Future of Medicine

3:30 - 4pm

With the advent of massive deep learning systems a world of applications lies ahead. However, how do we configure these systems for tasks that have never been investigated before? We are just scratching the surface when applying these deep learning models to healthcare and there is a world of potential. This talk details the journey of how we utilized deep learning to achieve state-of-the-art results on important protein classification and sorting tasks that were recently published in a peer-reviewed journal. The talk will also include discussion of techniques for adjusting the modeling workflow to meet the constraints of a healthcare use case and the importance of experimentation to achieving these results. Finally, the talk will conclude with a discussion around how this Stanford lab expects to utilize these techniques in future health science research and the impact this could have on the field.

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Alexander Rosenberg Johansen

Alexander Rosenberg Johansen

PhD Candidate, Stanford