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November 16 | Virtual & Free

SigOpt AI & HPC Summit 2021

All recordings are now available



Our community is all about learning through experimentation. Join our Summit to hear how your peers across AI and HPC apply experimentation to learn about their modeling problems and, in the process, develop better models.

Modeling is a scientific process that requires experimentation to get right. But experimentation is only as effective as the techniques and tools applied to it. At this Summit, we bring together modelers across a wide variety of industries and modeling problems to discuss their approach to experimentation and how this translated to better modeling results. Discussion will touch on techniques to design experiments to ask the right questions, explore experiments to understand modeling problems, and optimize experiments to get the best results. And cases will include experimentation applied to simulations, graph neural networks, transformers, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, random forests, gradient-boosted trees, reinforcement learning and everything in between. 

Attendees and speakers include data scientists, AI leaders, AI platform engineers, researchers, machine learning engineers and deep learning engineers.


Subutai Ahmad, PhD

VP Research, Numenta, Inc.

David Austin

Sr Principal Engineer, Intel

Sasikanth (Sasi) Avancha

Senior Research Scientist, Intel Parallel Compute Labs

Basem Barakat

Large Scale Machine Learning Engineer, Habana Labs

Scott Clark

Scott Clark

CoFounder & GM, SigOpt, an Intel Company

Evelyn Ding

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Habana Labs

Ke Ding

Principal AI Engineer Intel, SATG MLP – Applied ML team

Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli

Assistant Professor, MIT

Vishwanath Hegadekatte

Global R&D Manager, Novelis

Alexander Rosenberg Johansen

Alexander Rosenberg Johansen

PhD Candidate, Stanford

Marat Latypov

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Arizona

Paul Leu

Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Alex Lowden

Data Science Manager & Team Lead, Accenture

Eddie Mattia

Eddie Mattia

Product Manager, SigOpt

Michael McCourt

Head of Engineering, SigOpt

Shayan Mortazavi

Shayan Mortazavi

Data Science Manager, Accenture

Sulata Patra

Data Scientist, Mindtree

Bhanu Prakash

Program Architect, Mindtree

Venkatesh Ramanathan

Director Data Science, PayPal

Meghana Ravikumar

Meghana Ravikumar

Product Manager, SigOpt

Pablo Zegers, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Vice President of Product, Anastasia AI

Jian Zhang

Software Engineering Manager, Intel

Da Zheng

Senior Applied Scientist, AWS AI


All times in PST


Featuring speakers from

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University
The University of Arizona
University of Pittsburgh